R Studio Support

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Overview of R-Developer Kit

With this VM, you can have your R development environment available to you from anywhere, anytime.

This VM provides out of box environment for R language (v3.6.1) & R-Studio with lots of preinsalled popular R packages for single developer or an entire team.

The VM also provides two development environments viz. R-Studio & Jupyter . R-Studio is available as a desktop based IDE whereas Jupyter with R-Kernel provides a browser based IDE with the ability to create and share R based notebooks.

The VM supports multi user environment . It comes with default “ubuntu” user and you can add any number of new users . Each added user will get a separate R environment with R-Studio, Jupyter notebook and GUI desktop. More details on adding new users is available here.

Additional features include:
* Preinstalled R packages. Click here for complete list.
* R-Demos
* GUI based Remote desktop
* Fish - Shell with command auto completion and history
* Visual Studio Code