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Money Saver VM

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Overview of Money Saver VM

  • Save upto 80% on VM cost by running this VM.
    GCP pricing on Preemptible VMs is about 80% less than regular VMs, however Preemptible VMs can run uninterrupted for only 24 hours. Money-Saver VM solves that issue and makes it possible to run Preemptible VMs continuously, thus providing significant cost saving to your computing workload.
  • How this VM works:
  1. You deploy Money-Saver VM in your project (F1-micro VM size is enough)
  2. You run Preemptible VMs as per your need either in the same project or in any other project
  3. Whenever your Preemptible VM is stopped by GCP, Money-Saver VM autostart that Preemptible VM
  • Features:
  1. Restart Preemptible VMs within a single project or across multiple projects
  2. Restart all Preemptible VMs (default behavior) or disable auto-start for specific VMs
  • Where to use this VM:
  1. With this VM, you can use Preemptible VMs for all your non production environment
  2. The VM also enables you to use Preemptible VMs for Production environment which can tolerate few minutes downtime.