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Pytorch Kit

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Overview of Pytorch Kit

This VM provides out of box environment for learning, developing & deploying AI & Machine Learning applications using Pytorch . Key highlights include:

  1. Preinstalled most popular AI & ML frameworks






  2. Demos

    Working demos based on the book “Python Machine Learning, 2nd Ed“ By Raschka, Sebastian, & Vahid Mirjalili.

    Demos include: Machine Learning - Giving Computers the Ability to Learn from Data

    Training Machine Learning Algorithms for Classification

    A Tour of Machine Learning Classifiers Using Scikit-Learn

    Building Good Training Sets – Data Pre-Processing

    Compressing Data via Dimensionality Reduction

    Learning Best Practices for Model Evaluation & Hyperparameter Optimization

    Combining Different Models for Ensemble Learning

    Applying Machine Learning to Sentiment Analysis

    Embedding a Machine Learning Model into a Web Application

    Predicting Continuous Target Variables with Regression Analysis

    Working with Unlabeled Data – Clustering Analysis

    Implementing a Multi-layer Artificial Neural Network from Scratch

    Parallelizing Neural Network Training with TensorFlow

    Going Deeper: The Mechanics of TensorFlow

    Classifying Images with Deep Convolutional Neural Networks

    Modeling Sequential Data Using Recurrent Neural Networks

  3. Jupyter for interactive development

  4. Jupyterhub

    This provides a multi user Jupyter environment.

    Create one Linux account for each of user & there will be separate Jupyter environment created for that account. More details here

  5. Other goodies

    Remote desktop


    Visual studio code