Multi User Jupyter Enviroment For AI/ML - MUJEFA

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Overview of MUJEFA

MUJEFA stands for Multi User Jupyter Environment For AI/ML
With MUJEFA, you no more need to spend hours installing and setting up AI/ML environment.
MUJEFA comes with preinstalled python based AI/ML frameworks like NumPy, SciPy, Scikit-Learn, Matplotlib etc. to name a few.
The installed AI/ML environment is available in browser via Jupyter/Ipython notebooks with separate Jupyter environment for a single developer or individual user or a team, saving you time, cost and server administration efforts.

In addition, MUJEFA comes with other useful tools & goodies like:

  • Remote desktop
  • Working demos based on the popular book “Python Machine Learning, 2nd Ed“ By Raschka, Sebastian & Vahid Mirjalili.
  • Fish, a Linux shell with command auto completion & auto suggestion features
  • Visual studio code IDE for development
  • Below video provides an overview of MUJEFA and its features

    MUJEFA is a virtual machine available on GCP, AWS & Azure cloud marketplace.
    We recommend GCP cloud for deploying MUJEFA to get $300 free credit for one year