How to install additional packages

If you want to install additional packages to be used in Jupyter, follow below steps:

  • Login to the VM terminal as root and run below commands , replace the "package name" in last command with your package name :

  • sudo su


  • sh

  • /img/azure/jupyter-python-notebook/how_to_install_additional_packages_sh

  • export ANACONDA_HOME="/home/anaconda"

  • /img/azure/jupyter-python-notebook/how_to_install_additional_packages_export01

  • export PATH="$ANACONDA_HOME/condabin/:$ANACONDA_HOME/bin/:$PATH"

  • /img/azure/jupyter-python-notebook/how_to_install_additional_packages_export02

  • cd $ANACONDA_HOME/bin/

  • /img/azure/jupyter-python-notebook/how_to_install_additional_packages_cd.png

  • activate pyml

  • /img/azure/jupyter-python-notebook/how_to_install_additional_packages_activate

  • conda install "packagename"

  • (Note: in some cases, you might need to provide conda repository name using "-c" option if the package is not in default conda repository . Below is an example)

    conda install -c main seaborn


  • Once the package is installed, you can test it by importing the package in Jupyter.

  • /img/azure/jupyter-python-notebook/how_to_install_additional_packages_import_seaborn.png