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How to get Pentaho Solution on AWS

This section describes how to launch and connect to “Pentaho: Bridging the Gap Between Data and Decision-Making” solution on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

  1. On the EC2 Console page, instance is up and running. To connect to this instance through putty, copy the IPv4 Public IP Address
    (refer Putty Guide for details on how to connect using putty/ssh)

  2. Open putty, paste the IP address and browse your private key you downloaded while deploying the VM, by going to **SSH- >Auth **, click on Open. /img/aws/ethereum-fullnode/putty-01.png


  1. login as ubuntu. /img/aws/kali-linux-in-browser/ssh-login.png

  2. Once connected, change the password for ubuntu user using below command

sudo passwd ubuntu


  1. Now the password for ubuntu user is set, you can connect to the VM’s desktop environment from any local Windows Machine using RDP protocol or Linux Machine using Remmina.

From your local windows machine, goto “start” menu, in the search box type and select “Remote desktop connection”. In the “Remote Desktop connection” wizard, copy the public IP address and click connect


  1. This will connect you to the VM’s desktop environment. Provide the username (e.g “ubuntu”) and the password set in the above “Reset password” step to authenticate. Click OK


  1. Now you are connected to the out of box Pentaho Desktop environment via Windows Machine.


  1. To start the Pentaho application, click on the Start Pentaho Data Integrator Desktop Icon.


Note: If you get launcher warning on clicking the Pentaho desktop icon then please select “Mark Executable” and start the app.

  1. This will open a Pentaho Application. You can start using it right from the Remote Desktop.


  1. All the setup files are stored under /home/ubuntu/setup/data-integration/ directory.



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