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Danswer : GPT to chat & query your own data

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Overview of Danswer: GPT to chat & query your own data with support from Techlatest.net

Danswer (with support from Techlatest.net), an Open Source Enterprise Question Answering Tool, revolutionizes knowledge generation &retrieval.

Crafted for simplicity, Danswer UI enables users to connect to their existing data & pose questions in plain language, delivering precise answers fueled by cutting-edge Generative AI models like OpenAI ChatGPT & at the same time, giving you full control & privacy over the data.

Our pre-configured VM guarantees a seamless setup experience. Once running, you can effortlessly connect to various data sources and engage in insightful conversations with your data.

Using this VM over any SaaS solution will provide the following benefits:

  1. Gain insights from private & public data sources
  2. Enjoy complete control, ownership and privacy of your data by hosting your own server instead of 3rd party SaaS providers
  3. No monthly or annual payment commitment, pay-as-you-go model where you get charged only when running the vm with a flat vm usage fee and variable cloud infrastructure fees as per the chosen vm type
  4. No additional charges for on-boarding any new user. Whether you are a big or small enterprise, an individual user or team of collaborators, Danswer is suitable for all
  5. Easy access to your existing data using out of box connectors for popular enterprise tools & data sources such as :
  1. Intuitive UI & Admin Dashboard