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Bitcoin Full Node Ordinal Upgrade Guide

Please follow below steps to upgrade Ordinal to the latest stable version on Techlatest Bitcoin Full Node VM solution.

Note: You need to run the bitcoin daemon from the command line to use the ordinal functionality. DO NOT use bitcoin-qt.

  • Uninstall old ord using
sudo rm /home/ubuntu/bin/ord
sudo rm /usr/bin/ord
  • Now install the latest version using
cd /home/ubuntu/setup/ord
curl --proto '=https' --tlsv1.2 -fsLS https://ordinals.com/install.sh | bash -s
sudo cp /home/ubuntu/bin/ord /usr/bin/
sudo chown root:root /usr/bin/ord
  • If you have done the ord indexing before upgrading the Ord, then the database may get corrupted. In that case you need to do the reindexing. Delete the old database by running below command and start the indexing again.
sudo rm /home/ubuntu/.local/share/ord/index.redb
  • To start the ord indexing , first run the bitcoin daemon with –txindex in the terminal. DO NOT USE bitcoin-qt
bitcoind --txindex
  • Once bitcoin indexing is done, start the ord indexing using -

On AWS and Azure run

ord index update

ON GCP Platfrom you need to provide the cookie file as well

ord --cookie-file /home/bitcoin/.cookie index update
  • To start the ord server run -

On AWS and Azure run

sudo ord --cookie-file /home/ubuntu/.bitcoin/.cookie server

ON GCP Platfrom

sudo ord --cookie-file /home/bitcoin/.cookie server
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